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Dae Guk (Ma Dong Seok) was born and raised in Seoul’s super-affluent Apgujeong District, a part of the South Korean capital that is famous for its hundreds of plastic surgery clinics. The year is 2007 and he is tired of watching the area’s plastic surgeons making huge fortunes while he sits idly by. He dreams of launching his own mega-clinic, but doesn’t know where to start.   That all changes the day he meets Park Ji Woo (Jung Kyung Ho), Apgujeong’s most gifted plastic surgeon. But Park Ji Woo has a problem: His medical license has been suspended, meaning he is no longer allowed to operate on patients. But Dae Guk won’t little a little thing like the law stand in his way – and, with Park Ji Woo by his side, resolves to become the unofficial king of Apgujeong cosmetic surgery! Will his plan come to fruition…or will Park Ji Woo’s secret be their downfall?   “Men of Plastic” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Lim Jin Sun.