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Fierce Cop


As a hardened police detective, there wasn’t much that could phase Zhang Da (Richie Ren). But when his son Xiao Jie is kidnapped by a group of human traffickers. Zhang Da’s tough exterior crumbles in an instant. Determined to save his son, Zhang Tu begins his investigation. But tracking down a group as elusive as this one soon proves to be next to impossible. After running into one dead end after another, Zhang Tu catches a much-needed break when fate brings Qin Maung Su (Chen Yao) into his life. Having been taken by human traffickers as a child, Maung Su has exactly the sort of insight Zhang Tu needs to find his son. With Manung Su’s help, Zhang Tu relentlessly tracks the traffickers across thousands of miles. With Manung Su’s help, will Zhang Tu be able to take down an international human trafficking group and bring his son safely home? An emotional thriller, “Fierce Cop” is a 2022 Chinese action film directed by Chan Tai Li.