Three Summer Nights



For the past eight years, Myung Seok (Kim Dong Wook) has been attempting to pass the bar exam. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he studies, he can never earn a passing grade. Stuck in a seemingly endless loop of failure, Myung Seok’s greatest source of comfort lies in his two best friends, Hae Goo (Son Ho Jun) and Dal Soo (Im Won Hee). As a contracted call center employee, Dal Soo understands Myung Seok’s frustration. Working at a job without a future, Dal Soo uses his love of a popular idol girl group to help numb the pain of his humdrum life. Hae Goo, on the other hand, makes a living selling an impotence drug to other struggling men. Together they don’t seem to have much in the way of a future but for them, that’s all the inspiration they need to break free of the norm and go have a little fun. Taking a trip to Busan, the trio plan to spend their extended weekend at Haeundae Beach, drinking away their woes. Unfortunately, their leisurely trip takes an unexpected turn and soon they find themselves facing the biggest problem of their lives. Will they be able to find a way out of the mess they’ve landed in before things get worse? One hilarious misadventure after another, “Three Summer Nights” is a 2015 South Korean comedy film directed by Kim Sang Jin.