At only thirteen years old, Lee Soon Young (Kim Sae Ron) is far too young to be the head of her household. However, with a mentally disabled father and an illness-prone younger sister to take care of, Soon Young has little choice in the matter. As her family's practical supporter and permanent caregiver, Soon Young has little chance to be a kid until her uncle Mang Taek (Lee Chun Hee) arrives with a plan. Having met Steve, an American physician interested in adopting a healthy Korean girl, Mang Taek guarantees that he can find the doctor exactly what he’s looking for. After signing a lucrative contract, Mang Taek arrives to announce that he has found a new home for Soon Young with a wealthy American family. Jealous of Soon Young’s seemingly good luck, her younger sister, Soon Ja (Kim Ah Ron), comes up with a plan to take her sister’s place. Meanwhile, Soon Young finds it extremely difficult to accept that another man is supposed to take the place of her father. With the arrival of Steve and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Barbie, the time has come for one of the sisters to leave home. Which of the sisters will Mang Taek send to America and which one will stay behind? An emotional rollercoaster of a film, “Barbie” is a 2012 South Korean family drama film directed by Lee Sang Woo.