Intern Detective Oh Kyeon-sik



Growing up, Oh Kyeon Sik (Sungyeol) had only one dream and that was to make his family’s long-held wish, to have a detective in the family, come true. Having spent his entire life preparing for the day he would finally become a detective, Kyeon Sik knows that with his performance on his most recent written exam, his time working as a private security guard is coming to an end. Unfortunately, a written exam isn’t the only test Kyeon Sik has to pass to become a detective. Despite passing the written exam with flying colors, Kyeon Sik fails his hearing test and is therefore no longer allowed to continue with his exams. With his dreams completely crushed, Kyeon Sik might have given up completely had fate not decided to step in at just the right time. Crossing paths with a fugitive on the run, Kyeon Sik stops him cold with a well-timed throw of a bottle of water. Impressed by Kyeon Sik’s quick thinking, a high-ranking officer promises this young hero a position on the detective team. Thrilled by the chance to live his dream, Kyeon Sik is eager to take his place among his fellow detectives. Unfortunately, none of his new co-workers feel the same. Will Kyeon Sik be able to win them over or will his past failures come back to haunt him? “Intern Detective Oh Kyeon-sik” is a 2019 South Korean action crime drama film directed by Yoon Yeo Chang.