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With grand dreams and driving ambition, Jeon Hae Woong (Jo Jin Woong) has spent years climbing his way to the top of Busan’s political world. Ready to take his dreams even further, Hae Woong is now a prime candidate for the National Assembly. Unfortunately, his ambition has landed him on the wrong side of Kwon Soon Tae (Lee Sung Min), a local bigwig who just so happens to be a hidden powerhouse in the political world. Taken out of the running by Soon Tae, Hae Woong’s life quickly begins to crumble around him. After defaulting on a campaign loan, Hae Woong becomes the target of a relentless group of loan sharks who are only too willing to find creative ways to get their money back. Unwilling to go down without a fight, Hae Woong decides the time has come to get his hands dirty. Turning to a local gang leader, Kim Pil Do (Kim Moo Yeol), for help, the two steal classified information about an urban development plant that could not only take down Soon Tae but shake the entire nation to its core. Using this stolen information to his advantage, Hae Woong re-enters the race for National Assembly, believing that in doing so, he can exact his revenge on Soon Tae. But is a handful of stolen information really going to be enough to take down one of the nation’s most powerful men?  Full of dark dealings and political intrigue, “The Devil’s Deal” is a 2023 South Korean crime drama film directed by Lee Won Tae.