House of No Man

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Ngoc Nu (Le Giang) runs arguably the most famous crab noodle soup stall in the Thu Duc neighborhood of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). Now middle-aged and divorced, she has become the non-nonsense matriarch of her family, which comprises her aging mother and two young daughters, as well as the eldest daughter’s husband. Her bad experiences with her ex-husband have scarred her, and she now mistrusts men. Even men who stop off to buy noodles at her stall are afraid of her wrath. Ngoc Nu has high hopes for her youngest daughter, Ngoc Nhi (Uyen An). Soon to turn 20, Ngoc Nu hopes Ngoc Nhi will study finance and make a career for herself. But Ngoc Nhi has other plans. She would rather work as a craftsperson, something that her mother deeply disapproves of. Matters come to a head, however, when Ngoc Nhi meets a dashing young man named at a party. They fall for one another right away. But both the young man’s wealthy parents and the domineering Ngoc Nu disapprove of the relationship. Will Ngoc Nu have her way – or will her free-spirited daughter strike out on her own? “The House of No Man” is a 2023 Vietnamese movie that was directed by Tran Thanh.