Someone You Loved

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Best friends since their days at university, Joon Ho (Lee Dong Hwi) and Ah Yeon (Jung Eun Chae) have spent the better part of their lives together. To everyone around them, it was only a matter of time before they took their relationship to the next level. But living together as a couple is proving to be more difficult than either of them ever imagined. Trying to make the best of things, Ah Yeong keeps herself busy working as a real estate agent, but she has to admit, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that Joon Ho doesn’t seem to be putting any real effort into his life or future. Seeing Joon Ho’s claims of studying for yet another upcoming exam as nothing more than an excuse to waste his life, Ah Yeong eventually has enough. Unable to work through their problems, these former best friends soon find themselves as nothing more than strangers.  As Ah Yeong continues to pursue her career, Joon Ho starts working for one of his friends. As the two grow farther apart, they begin to entertain the idea of pursuing new relationships. But just how long does it take to get over someone you never thought you’d be able to live without? A story of love, heartbreak, and starting over, “Someone You Loved” is a 2023 South Korean romance film directed by Hyung Seul Woo.