Happy Merry Ending: The Movie

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Happy Merry Ending: The Movie
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Happy Merry Ending: The Movie


Seung Jun (Lee Dong Won) works as a wedding host and singer. But he is blighted by a range of harrowing issues. He feels like his job is leading him nowhere and has lost his enthusiasm for working. He has also lost his faith in romance, despite the fact that he is surrounded by young couples whenever he performs at a wedding. Meanwhile, Jae Hyun (Byun Seong Tae) is a pianist. An acquaintance one day lets him know about an opportunity to work as a wedding accompanist alongside Seung Jun. He initially has no intention of taking the job. However, when he sees Seung Jun, he falls for the wedding singer straight away. He takes the job, hoping that it will bring him and Seung Jun together. But while the singer can feel Jae Hyun is interested in him, he is hesitant about letting anyone get close to him. As their paths cross again and again at new wedding ceremonies, Cupid threatens to bring them together. Will they give in to the pull of romance? This is the film version of a drama series, also released in 2023. Both were based on a web-based cartoon (webtoon) of the same name by Dorae. “Happy Merry Ending: The Movie” is a 2023 South Korean movie that was directed by Min Chae Yeon.