The Art of Seduction

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When it comes to success, Han Ji Won (Son Ye Jin) could practically write the book. One of the most successful investment bankers in the business, Ji Won’s talents are unparalleled. But her shining career isn’t the only part of her life that has met with unparalleled success.  As beautiful as she is successful, Ji Won has caught the eye of more than a few men over the years. But with time, she’s come to realize that all men have a single, fatal flaw: they’re all too easily wrapped around her little finger. Able to get a man to fall for her in a matter of moments, many consider Ji Won to be a serious player. Having never met a man who was able to resist her many charms, Ji Won is thrown for a loop when a minor car accident brings Seo Min Jun (Song Il Gook) crashing, quite literally, into her life.  A successful architect who is every bit the player she is, Min Jun is instantly struck by Ji Won’s charms, but he’s not about to let her know that; nor is Ji Won going to let him know the feeling is mutual. Immediately drawn to each other, Min Jun and Ji Won are soon locked in a battle of wit, pride, and attraction. The only question is, which of these seasoned players will succumb to their opponent’s infinite charms first?  A hilarious romantic romp, “The Art of Seduction” is a 2005 South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Oh Ki Hwan.