My Paparotti

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As a promising vocalist, Sang Jin (Han Suk Kyu) might have had an incredible career in music, had fate not dealt him a crushing blow. Diagnosed with a vocal cord tumor, Sang Jin was forced to give up a career as a vocalist but that didn’t mean he had to give up music entirely. Taking a position as a high school music teacher, Sang Jin might have eventually settled into a comfortable, albeit ordinary life, had Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon) not transferred to his school. A teenage gangster with a lot of local clout, Jang Ho quickly became a thorn in Sang Jin’s side. But when Sang Jin hears Jang Ho sing, he’s immediately impressed by the young man’s natural vocal talent. Determined to help Jang Ho develop his talent even further, Sang Jin commits himself to Jang Ho’s training. As the two work closely together, a strong bond forms between the two but everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve is threatened when two rival gangs force Jang Ho into a dire situation. With Sang Jin’s help, will Jang Ho be able to find a way to overcome the obstacles before him and rise to new heights as a world-class vocalist? Inspired by the story of singer Kim Ho Joong, “My Paparotti” is a 2013 South Korean film directed by Yoon Jong Chan.