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Idol Recipe



Bae Jae Sung (Lee Ji Hoon) is a jaded K-pop manager whose poor financial decisions have led him to amass huge personal debts. In his desperation, he tries to cash in on a struggling idol co-ed group he manages named Bella. The group comprises songwriter Jang Jun (Moon Jong Up), producer Kelly (Bae Woo Hee), dancer Redi (Kenta), “visual” Jenia (Na Hyun), and leaders Do Young (Ryu Ho Yeon) and Ji Ahn (Kim So Hee). Bae Jae Sung’s dastardly plan involves “selling” Bella off to a rival agency. At first, this scheme seems to pay off. But could his move eventually backfire... and accidentally help catapult Bella to international stardom? This 2022 South Korean movie was directed by Lee Hyo Sung.