A Letter from Mars

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Losing her father at a very young age, So Hee (Kim Hee Sun) struggled to find a way to deal with his passing. Somehow, during her grieving process, she decided that upon his death, her father went to Mars. So convinced was she, of her father’s now permanent residence on the Red Planet, that she started writing letters to him; letters which soon brought her a rather unexpected response.  Realizing that his best friend, So Hee, was desperately grieving the loss of her father, an equally young Seung Jae (Shin Ha Kyun) took it upon himself to answer So Hee’s letters to Mars. Faithfully responding to every one of her Mars-bound letters, Seung Jae secretly helped his friend deal with her incredible loss. Now adults, Seung Jae still secretly helps So Hee in a very similar manner, writing letters to her grandmother while So Hee, having moved to the big city years ago, has all but forgotten her small-town life.  Only after life has knocked her down one too many times does So Hee return to her hometown. With a heart hardened by life, So Hee has built too many walls around herself to let anyone in, but Seung Jae’s heart swells the moment he sees her. Will this small-town postman be able to win the heart of his one true love or will his long-held secret come to ruin everything? A touching love story, “A Letter From Mars” is a 2003 South Korean romance film directed by Kim Jung Kwon.