200 Pounds Beauty

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Despite her amazing voice, Kang Han Na (Kim Ah Joong) has never been able to make her dreams of becoming a pop star come true. On the larger side, Han Na doesn’t fit the ideal image of an idol but that hasn’t kept the music industry from taking advantage of her voice. Working behind the scenes, Han Na provides the voice for popular idol, Amy (Ji Seo Yun), a beautiful young woman with zero vocal talent. Though she spends most of her life living and working in the shadows, Han Na isn’t entirely removed from the glamorous life of an idol. Working closely with Amy’s music producer, Sang Joon (Joo Jin Mo), Han Na has developed quite a crush on the handsome producer, but her extreme lack of self-confidence makes declaring her feelings impossible. Of course just because Sang Joon hasn’t picked up on her feelings doesn’t mean others are equally oblivious. Aware of Han Na’s feelings, Amy sets her sensitive ghost singer up for a cruel joke at Sang Joon’s birthday party, not knowing that the emotional trauma from that evening would push Han Na a bit too far. Tired of being ignored and bullied because of her size, Han Na decides to make some very drastic changes in her life. Seeking the help of a plastic surgeon, Han Na disappears for an entire year only to return as the incredibly beautiful Jenny. Will this astounding transformation bring Han Na the happiness she so desperately desires or will it invoke an entirely different set of problems? Based on the manga “Kanna’s Big Success” by Yumiko Suzuki, “200 Pounds Beauty” is a 2006 South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Kim Yong Hwa.