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When Huangque’s Zhongnan Bridge suddenly collapses, the city is thrown into chaos. As investigators attempt to find the reason for the collapse, they uncover the remains of a man encased in the concrete of one of the bridge piers. Identified as the bridge’s chief architect, who was reported missing years ago, authorities reach out to his surviving daughter, Wen Xiao Yu (Sandra Ma), who immediately decides it’s time to know the truth about her father. After her father’s death, Xiao Yu was adopted by her father’s school friend, Zhu Fang Zheng (Fan Wei), a well-connected man with deep pockets and powerful friends. Having always believed that her father had run off with a mistress, the whistleblowing letter found in his pocket upon his discovery leaves Xiao Yu with serious doubts. When she’s approached at her father’s funeral by Meng Chao (Karry Wang), a young worker who claims to have witnessed her father’s murder, Xiao Yu knows the only way she’ll ever learn the truth is if she uncovers it herself. Teaming up with Meng Chao, Xiao Yu sets off on a mission to find the truth but what she discovers turns her entire world upside down. Unwilling to let the authorities mete out justice, Xiao Yu decides to exact her own kind of revenge. Just how far will Xiao Yu go to deliver her own version of justice? A thrilling story of love and revenge, “The Fallen Bridge” is a 2022 Chinese crime mystery film directed by Li Yu.