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As a teenager, Kong (Nathan Dan Aaron Ramnarong) is pretty much like every other kid in 2014. He goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and hates it when his parents fight. Wishing he could find a way to repair his parents’ broken relationship, Kong stumbles upon a message on an old pager and finds himself mysteriously transported twenty years into the past. Transported to the year 1995, Kong quickly realizes that by being in the past, he has the perfect opportunity to fix his parents’ damaged relationship. Unfortunately, the more Kong tries to repair the past, the more he ends up messing things up. Painfully aware that he has unintentionally altered the events which ultimately lead to his parents meeting and falling in love, Kong decides it’s time to take drastic measures.  Determined to undo the damage he’s done, Kong attempts to keep his father’s childhood friend, Som (Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), as far away from his father as possible. While his plan to keep the two separated might work, things get infinitely more complicated when Kong realizes he might actually be falling in love with Som. Tangled in a disastrous web of his own making, will Kong ever find a way to restore the past and return home? A time-traveling delight, “Back to the 90’s” is a 2015 Thai comedy film directed by Yanyong Kuruangkura.