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As founders of two different app startups, Bom (JingJing Warisara Yu) and June (Nat Kitcharit) seemed almost destined to meet. While presenting their respective companies’ latest apps at a local app exhibition, the two crossed paths frequently enough, but it was a chance meeting at their favorite hideaway restaurant that would ultimately change their lives forever.  After recognizing each other over dinner, the two spend some time getting to know each other. With sparks flying as they begin to realize just how much they have in common, their time together is tragically short-lived. Each inspired by this evening together, the two return to their respective companies, overflowing with fresh ideas that ultimately lead them to create two entirely different apps that serve the same purpose: to bring people with common interests together. With both of their companies struggling to find investors, they each decided to participate in the Startup Thailand League, a competition that would award the winning team a significant cash prize.  Desperate to win, Bom and June quickly become rivals. Sinking so low as to send spies to infiltrate the other’s company, the two quickly learn that every decision comes with a price as their respective situations begin to spiral wildly out of control. With everything they once had between them now in jeopardy, will Bom and June find a way to sort out their priorities or will their desperation ultimately become their downfall? A delightful tale of rivals and romance, “App War” is a 2018 Thai romantic comedy film directed by Yanyong Kuruangkura.