Closed School



Yu Ra (Chun Yi Seul) is a young woman who suffers from flesh-crawling nightmares. One day, before she has a reunion with her former high school friends, she dreams of her old friend Mi Ok (Lee Yoon Soo) committing suicide as classmates look on. At the reunion, Yu Ra confronts her friends to ask them if they remember Mi Ok. Anxiously, they each claim they can’t recall her, although Yu Ra senses they aren’t telling the truth. When they are traveling in a car, taking Yu Ra back home, a traffic accident renders them all unconscious. When they come to, they find themselves trapped in a building they cannot escape from. Slowly, they come to realize that the building looks eerily like their old school. But the school isn’t as they remember it: It is now filled with a ghostly presence – and spirits filled with vengeful rage. Will they escape – or have ghosts from the past come to claim their lives? “Closed School” is a 2019 South Korean movie that was directed by Choi Hyo Won.