Hansan: Rising Dragon

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The year is 1592 and Korea is facing a sea invasion at the hands of the fearsome Japanese navy, who have already made landfall on the Korean peninsula and driven the defending army out of its capital. The Japanese General Wakisaka (Byun Yo Han) is seeking a final, decisive battle that will allow his forces to take total control over the peninsula. The only man who can hope to repel the invaders is the wounded Korean Admiral Yi Sun Shin (Park Hae Il). Wakisaka wants to wipe out Yi’s port and eliminate his foe’s greatest warrior. The stage is set for a battle near the Island of Hansan that will determine the fate of both nations... But preparations for the fight are not going to plan on either side. Wakisaka has developed a rivalry with the Japanese Admiral Kato (Kim Sung Kyun), while Yi’s forces have begun squabbling among themselves while he tries to develop a plan that will keep the Japanese at bay. With time running out, can Korea’s greatest sea commander pull off an against-the-odds victory against the invading foes? “Hansan: Rising Dragon” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Kim Han Min.