In modern-day South Korea, a supernatural alien named Guard (Kim Woo Bin) and a flying robot sidekick named Thunder manage prisoners who are “locked” into human bodies and brains. They are now on a quest to thwart a group of evil aliens to escape their human forms. Meanwhile, back in the year 1391, a bounty hunter and Taoist magician named Muruk (Ryu Jun Yeol) is on his own quest for a powerful sword known as the Divine Blade, as is a young pistol-wielding woman named Ean (Kim Tae Ri). Both hope to swap the sword for a massive reward, as do a host of other rival opportunistic bounty hunters... Things get a little complicated, however, when the appearance of a spacecraft in both Guard’s time and that of Muruk and Ean appears to open up a portal between the two times. All of a sudden, Guard and his companions find themselves catapulted back into the past, and confronted with someone from his own past! The race to find the Divine Blade is really heating up now, with the evil alien mastermind ready to play a decisive card. Can the forces of good beat their evil foes in a final, chaotic showdown? “Alienoid” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Choi Dong Hoon.