Project Wolf Hunting

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The Frontier Titan is a massive container ship traveling between the Philippines and the South Korean port of Busan. But its cargo on this journey is a disparate collection of dangerous criminals on their way to repatriation in their home countries, including the tattooed Jong Doo (Seo In Guk). A hardened group of police officers headed by Seok Woo (Park Ho San) is charged with keeping the convicts chained up and under guard. But the villains have other plans – and plan to break free. Once they do so, they attempt to take over the ship...and turn it into a water-bound hell. But the criminals are not aware that they are not the Frontier Titan’s only cargo on this journey. Something even more deadly than Jong Doo and his criminal counterparts has come along for the ride...and threatens to unleash a horror unlike anyone has ever seen before! “Project Wolf Hunting” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Kim Hong Sun.