The Wandering Earth 2



In the not-too-distant future, our galaxy’s sun has morphed into an ever-expanding red giant that threatens to consume the Earth. To save the planet from imminent destruction, the United Earth Government has decided to initialize the Moving Mountain Project, an ambitious program employing massive fusion engines to move the planet out of the sun’s path. While most of the UEG agrees that the Moving Mountain Project should be a top priority, there are those, including Zhe Zhi Zhou (Li Xue Jian), the diplomate heading up the UEG’s Chinese delegation, who believe the UEG should focus their attention elsewhere. More interested in saving humanity’s collective consciousness than saving the Earth itself, Zhi Zhou believes the global Digital Life Project and its ability to transfer a human’s consciousness into artificially intelligent computer programs, would better serve humanity.  With supporters of both projects willing to go to extremes, saboteurs attacking at every turn, the moon inevitably destined for destruction, and the sun’s relentless march to wipe out humanity, UEG faces insurmountable odds on every side. Will the UEG’s dedicated scientists be able to successfully launch the Moving Mountain Project and ultimately save humanity, or will those opposed to the project ultimately bring about the world’s destruction?  An exciting prequel to the 2019 film, “The Wandering Earth”, which was based on the short story of the same name by Liu Cixin, “The Wandering Earth 2” is a 2023 Chinese science fiction action-adventure film directed by Frant Gwo.