Gangnam Zombie

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When Wang I (Jo Kyung Hoon) and his friend break into a jewelry-filled shipping container on Christmas Eve, they think they’re about to strike it rich. But their joy is short-lived when a stowaway cat hiding among the crates attacks without warning. Leaving Wang I with a bite that quickly turns septic, the would-be jewelry thief soon becomes patient zero for a viral outbreak of apocalyptic proportions. Completely unaware that Seoul’s Gangnam District is about to be overrun with the living dead, Hyeon Seok (Ji Il Joo) reluctantly drags himself to work. Once a taekwondo champion, Hyeon Seok now works for a small online streaming firm run by Tae Soo (Choi Sung Min), a shoddy businessman who has no problem taking advantage of his employees. While Hyeon Seok may not like his job, he does enjoy working with Min Jeong (Park Ji Yeon), a fellow bedraggled co-worker who is forced to put up with her boss’ inappropriate behavior on a daily basis.  Though working for Tae Soo is awful, it pales in comparison to the horror that awaits when the infected Wang I makes his way into their Gangnam office building. Infecting everyone he meets, the entire building is soon overrun with zombies, leaving Hyeon Seok and Min Jeong no choice but to fight their way out or die trying. Locked in a building teeming with the undead, do Hyeon Seok and Min Jeong stand a chance of making it out alive? A lighter take on the zombie genre, “Gangnam Zombie” is a 2023 South Korean horror film directed by Lee Soo Sung.