Marco Han (Kang Tae Ju) is a young Korean-Filipino man who lives in the Philippines, where he looks after his infirm mother – earning a living on the side as an underground boxer. All his life, he has longed to find his father, while trying to raise the money he needs to pay for his mother’s surgery. After a violent encounter with mobsters, Marco ends up in hospital – when a lawyer who says he represents Marco’s father tells him he should travel to South Korea. Marco agrees and boards a flight – where he meets a strange man who goes by the moniker of Nobleman (Kim Seon Ho). The latter tells Marco that he is his “friend.” This “friend” soon appears to lead Marco into a world of trouble, however. A ruthless band of gangsters begins chasing Marco, and he crosses paths with the wealthy and unscrupulous Han Yi Sa (Kim Kang Woo) and the mysterious Yoon Ju (Go Ara). Are any of these people on Marco’s side – or do they all want to see him dead? “The Childe” is a 2023 South Korean movie that was directed by Park Hoon Jung.