In 1987, a South Korean diplomat working in Lebanon was abducted by a terrorist organization. Fully aware that their diplomat’s life was on the line, the Korean government had no choice but to comply with the terrorists’ demands. Agreeing to pay a ransom of 2.5 million U.S. dollars, the Korean government, acting in secret so as not to hamper the country’s upcoming presidential election or their bid for hosting the 1988 Summer Olympics, sent diplomat Lee Min Joon (Ha Jung Woo) to Lebanon with the ransom money and orders to bring his colleague home.  As a diplomat, Min Joon’s career wasn’t anything extraordinary. With no shining achievements or incredible successes, Min Joon had nothing but his unwavering determination to recommend him. Even so, Min Joon dreamt of someday being assigned to work in the United States. Knowing he needed more than a dream to gain such an assignment, Min Joon was only too eager to volunteer for the extremely unofficial operation that would bring a missing diplomat home. After getting his superiors to agree to assign him to the States upon his return, Min Joon sets off for Lebanon, a country currently in the throes of a civil war.  Not long after arriving in Lebanon, Min Joon meets Pan Soo (Ju Ji Hoon), a street-wise Korean taxi driver who soon finds himself wrapped up in Min Joon’s diplomatic affairs. With no support from his government and only a taxi driver for an ally, can Min Joon bring home the missing diplomat before it’s too late? Inspired by true events, “Ransomed” is a 2023 South Korean action drama film directed by Kim Sung Hoon.