The Moon



Seven years ago, South Korea’s first manned mission to the Moon ended in disaster, when a tragic explosion wiped out the nation’s first lunar-bound spacecraft. Now, as the year 20230 approaches, South Korea finds itself in a new space race – and is determined to make its second attempt to reach the Moon a success. But shortly after landing, astronaut Hwang Sun Woo (D.O) is driving a lunar rover when a strong wind sends him hurtling into unknown danger. Eventually stranded, it looks like Hwang Sun Woo’s fate is sealed. The national space center has no choice but to turn to its former Kim Jae Guk (Sol Kung Gu), its former managing director. Kim Jae Guk was forced to leave his post after a controversial incident, and has since taken to a simple life in the mountains. Now it falls to Kim Jae Guk to help guide Hwang Sun Woo to safety, along with other experienced space chiefs such as space station director Yoon Moon Young (Kim Hae Ae). Can Hwang Sun Woo survive this ordeal – or will the ravages of space claim another victim? “The Moon” is a 2023 South Korean movie that was directed by Kim Yong Hwa.