My Worst Neighbor

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With dreams of becoming a professional singer, Lee Seung Jin (Lee Ji Hoon) has spent his entire life perfecting his voice. Just as he’s preparing for an audition that could literally make all his dreams come true, he finds himself in need of a new home. Settling on a little studio apartment, Seung Jin wastes no time moving in; little does he know, his new neighbor, Hong Ra Ni (Han Seung Yeon), is about to turn his entire world upside down. With very little soundproofing between her apartment and the one next door, Ra Ni has learned that the best way to enjoy peace and quiet at home is to ensure no one lives next door. To that end, she has made it her life’s mission to be as obnoxiously loud as possible. After driving off more than her fair share of new neighbors, Ra Ni is convinced that chasing Seung Jin away will be just as easy. Waiting until her new neighbor settles in on his first night, Ra Ni begins her shenanigans with a bit of excessively loud wailing that shakes Seung Jin to his core. Though startled at first, it doesn’t take long for Seung Jin to realize that his neighbor is attempting to drive him off with her noise. Naturally, Seung Jin refuses to give Ra Ni the satisfaction of winning; at least not without a fight.  Soon caught up in a battle of will, Seung Jin and Ra Ni are determined to outdo each other, not realizing that as they fight, they’re sharing bits and pieces of information about themselves. Only after they start to develop feelings for each other do Seung Jin and Ra Ni realize that they’ve been falling in love this whole time. Now they must decide, can this really be love when neither of them knows the other’s name or even what they look like? Adapted from the French film “Blind Date”, “My Worst Neighbor” is a 2023 South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Lee Woo Cheol.