The Legend of Jiang Zi Ya

The Legend of Jiang Ziya, New God Jiang Ziya
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The River God (Fang Xin) is dispatched to punish the villagers of Ru Yi for overexploitation of the land. Unaware of the decree, Jiang Zi Ya (Benny Chan) tries to save the villagers by sealing the River God away, an act that inadvertently violates the code of the gods. For his crime, Zi Ya is stripped of his magic and demoted to the mortal realm where he is rescued by the kind-hearted mortal, Qing Luan (Niu Ze Meng). But when the River God breaks free of Zi Ya’s seal and wreaks havoc, Zi Ya has no choice but to find a way to stop him. With Qing Luan’s help, can Zi Ya find redemption, reclaim his magic, and triumph over the raging River God? This 2019 Chinese mythology fantasy adventure film was directed by Zhong Wei Xi and Yang Shuai.