Female Special Police Officer

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When Detective Mei Xiao Dong (Yang Zi Hua) went up against the powerful drug trafficking organization known as Vulture, he lost nearly everything, including his wife. His daughter Mei Jing (He Mei Xuan) grew up following in her father’s footsteps, working hard to become part of the Thunderbolt Women’s Commando Team. Led by Liang Zhuang (Tai Shen), the Commando Team plans to take down the same organization Xiao Dong has been chasing his entire life. When the team is ambushed, though, Xiao Dong is left in mortal danger. Can Mei Jing find a way to salvage the mission and rescue her father before it’s too late? This action-packed 2023 Chinese crime film was directed by Liu Meng and Xue Wen Hua.