The Novelist - Spring Life 2

Pornographer: Spring Life 2, Pornographer: Continued Spring Life, The Novelist: Continued Spring Life
The Novelist - Spring Life 2
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The Novelist - Spring Life 2


Kuzumi Haruhiko (Izuka Kenta) was just a poor university student when he met the writer Kijima Rio (Takezai Terunosuke). When the latter suffered an injury, the two men came to an agreement that involved Kuzumi Haruhiko transcribing an erotic story on Kijima’s behalf. Over time, their relationship became romantic, but fate separated them. Almost three years later, Rio has returned to his parents’ countryside home to live with his sister, her husband, and his young niece. He still writes to Haruhiko, but the duo never expects to see each other again. Fate intervenes, and they are reunited. Soon, Haruhiko starts visiting the house regularly, and their relationship is (secretly) reignited. But when Rio’s niece makes an offhand remark, his family learns of the truth. Will this incident drive them apart – or bring them together once and for all? This short film is the follow-up to the 2018 drama “The Novelist” and 2021’s “The Novelist - Spring Life.” “The Novelist - Spring Life” is a 2021 Japanese short film that was directed by Miki Koichiro.