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When a wealthy and corrupt businessman is found dead, the procurator’s office is called into action. With an impressive set of skills and a strong sense of fairness, lead procurator Qu Sheng (Johnny Huang) is determined to bring the victim’s murderer to justice. But when his ex, Tong Yu Chen (Bai Bai He) is brought in as the defense attorney, the case takes on a whole new level of complicated. As a university professor, Xia Wei (Wang Li Kun) has had to deal with a lot of unexpected things, but when one of her students commits suicide during a lecture, Xia Wei is shaken to her core. As if having a student die in class isn’t bad enough, Xia Wei soon finds herself accused of murdering wealthy businessman Chen Xin (Bao Bei Er), a man who had unseemly connections with her deceased student. Unable to handle the charges brought against her on her own, Xia Wei seeks the help of Procurator Tong Yu Chen. On a quest to find the truth, procurators Qu Sheng and Tong Yu Chen dig deep into the connections between their respective clients and the deceased. Following a trail of twisted connections, what will the procurators do when the history they’ve been chasing finally catches up with them? A sleek, sometimes violent thriller, “The Procurator” is a 2023 Chinese crime mystery film directed by Alan Mak.