Chen Jing Xiu (Feng Xiao Gang) is a calm-tempered university professor who lives with his disgruntled wife Li Jia Zhen (Chen Chong) – who constantly berates his lack of ambition. She feels that if he tried harder, her husband could gain tenure, instead of forever remaining an associate. Her ire is piqued again on the day Chen Jing Xiu brings home a stray, abandoned puppy named Ba Tong – despite her insistence that no pets should come to the house! Li Jia Zhen tries to find a new home for the dog, but is frustrated at every turn. However, despite Li Jia Zhen’s initial reluctance, Ba Tong eventually proves to be a faithful and devoted addition to the family. As the couple grows old, and their children mature, Ba Tong becomes increasingly devoted to his adoptive family. But what will happen when Ba Tong is faced with the ultimate test of loyalty? This movie was based on a true story and has previously been adapted as a movie on several occasions, beginning in the 1920s. “Hachiko” is a 2023 Chinese movie that was directed by Xu Ang.