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Growing up in Chengdu, Liu Jing (Li Chun), Fang Xin (Zhang Han Yun), and Xia Meng (Naomi Wang) were an inseparable trio. Sharing every moment of their lives, it came as no surprise that when all three came of age, they all decided to move to Shanghai in pursuit of their dreams. Having found their place in the big city, Liu Jing, Fang Xin, and Xia Meng have settled into their adult lives, though none of them can really say their dreams have panned out the way they thought they would. Divorced and pregnant, Fang Xin has achieved her dream of working in the fashion industry, but her love life has proven to be a little more complicated. Xia Meng can’t say her love life is any better, as her partner has started acting strange recently, but at least she can say her career has progressed well, as she now works as the head of production at a big media company. Liu Jing, on the other hand, has trouble saying any aspect of her life is working out well at the moment as she recently caught her partner with a dating app on his phone and decided to kick him out while at the same time, her failing restaurant has been forced to temporarily close. Despite the fact that each woman has chosen to walk a different path, the three best friends are still as close as ever. Always there to support each other, through the ups and downs of adult life, Liu Jing, Fang Xin, and Xia Meng take a great deal of comfort in knowing that no matter what happens, they’ll always have each other. Knowing their friends will always be there for them, will these three women find the strength they need to overcome the trials ahead? Picking up where the popular drama series, “Delicious Romance” (2021) left off, “Delicious Romance” is a 2023 Chinese romantic comedy film directed by Leste Chen and Hsu Chao Jen.