Honey Sweet



Chi Ho (Yoo Hae Jin) is a fortysomething confectionery researcher who’s gifted with an incredible sense of taste – and not much else! As such, he excels at his job, but has very little in the way of a social life...and nothing whatsoever in the way of a love life! He mainly interacts with his childish half-brother Seok Ho (Cha In Pyo), who is always pestering him for a loan. He also has to deal with his boss Byeong Hoon (Jin Sun Kyu), a narcissist with lofty ambitions. This mundane life changes very quickly for Chi Ho, however, when he meets single mom Il Young (Kim Hee Sun). He falls in love at first sight… Il Young is also in her 40s, and has all but given up on the idea of finding love again. But as she begins to spend more time with Chi Ho, she begins to realize that beneath his nerdy exterior is a heart of gold! “Honey Sweet” is a 2023 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Han.