Ossan’s Love The Movie~LOVE or DEAD

Ossan’s Love, The Movie -Love & Dead-
Ossan’s Love The Movie~LOVE or DEAD
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Ossan’s Love The Movie~LOVE or DEAD


A year ago, coworkers Soichi Haruta (Kei Tanaka) and Ryota Maki (Kento Hayashi) found love. But, after some time apart at the workplace, Soichi Haruta returns to the office where his one-time boss Musashi Kurosawa (Kotaro Yoshida) still works. The latter once fell head-over-heels in love with Soichi Haruta, but now warmly welcomes him back to the fold. Ryota Maki, meanwhile, has transferred to the firm’s HQ. However, surprises lay in wait as a project team from headquarters arrives on a special mission. One of the team’s members, coincidentally, is Ryota Maki. But the presence of other attractive teammates starts to cause friction between Soichi Haruta and Ryota Maki. And to make matters even more confusing, an accident causes Musashi Kurosawa to forget all his prior memories of Soichi Haruta. When the older man sees Soichi Haruta after losing his memory, he falls in love with the latter...all over again! Can Cupid sort out this tangled mess – or is Soichi Haruta and Ryota Maki’s relationship already doomed? This movie is a follow-up to “Ossan’s Love.” “Ossan’s Love The Movie~LOVE or DEAD” is a 2019 Japanese movie that was directed by Ruto Toichiro.