Full River Red



During the 12th Century, the household of a powerful Song Dynasty politician is thrown into chaos when a visiting delegate Jin is found murdered at dawn. The delegate had been carrying an important letter which is now missing. Furious officials begin executing soldiers for failing to protect the delegate. And when their attention turns to a middle-aged corporal named Zhang Da (Shen Teng), it looks like he will be next. However, Zhang Da is a smooth talker, and somehow manages to convince his would-be executioners that he has what it takes to find the murderer. The politician orders an ambitious young soldier named Sun Jun (Jackson Yee) to assist Zhang Da, just hours before news of the murder becomes widespread. The duo knows that failure to solve the crime will lead to death or dishonor, but can they get to the bottom of this increasingly complex case before time runs out? “Full River Red” is a 2023 Chinese movie that was directed by Zhang Yi Mou.