A Guilty Conscience



Arrogant, self-absorbed and difficult, Adrian Lam (Dayo Wong) may be an excellent defense attorney but his unpleasant attitude makes him unbearable to work with. Tired of putting up with Adrian’s behavior, his new boss forces him to partner with rookie attorney Evelyn Fong (Renci Yeung), much to his dismay. As disgruntled as Adrian is about sharing counsel duties with Evelyn, he quickly puts aside his less-than-favorable feelings when they’re assigned a rather desperate case. A case in which he was a major player seventeen years ago. Charged with the attempted murder of her seven-year-old daughter and sentenced to prison as a result of Adrian's carelessness, single mother Jolene Tsang (Louise Wong) is desperate to prove her innocence. With Adrian now determined to right his wrongs, and Evelyn beside him, Jolene has a hope of winning, until a cruel twist of fate leaves her more desperate than ever. Working against a group of wealthy and powerful individuals, Adrian and Evelyn do everything they can to prove Jolene’s innocence but the road they must travel is anything but easy. Will this ace attorney and his rookie colleague be able to find the clues they need to prove their client’s innocence?  Compelling to the last, “A Guilty Conscience” is a 2023 Hong Kong mystery crime comedy thriller film directed by Wai Lun Ng.