As one of the top cyber security engineers at his firm, Kelvin Cheuk (Aaron Kwok) is the go-to man when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when a group of hackers releases a devastating internet virus, things begin to go very, very wrong. Working quickly to contain the virus, Kelvin develops a powerful firewall that successfully puts an end to the crisis. Little does Kelvin know that his boss, Kenneth Chan (Gordon Lam) is the man responsible for the virus. Furious that his virus was stopped by one of his underlings, Kenneth takes his revenge by framing Kelvin for a huge money laundering scheme. Desperate to prove his innocence, Kelvin teams up with the authorities to catch his boss. Determined to do everything he can to stop Kenneth, Kelvin begins work on a super-virus of his own. Designed to catch Kenneth in his crimes, the virus could be Kelvin’s greatest achievement but when the virus is somehow set loose, the entire city is thrown into chaos. With the city’s online network crumbling and his family in terrible danger, will Kelvin find a way to stop Kenneth without losing everything he loves along the way? A high-tech thriller, “Cyber Heist” is a 2023 Hong Kong action film directed by Danny Wong.