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On December 12, 1979, South Korea’s president, Park Chung Hee was assassinated. Acting in direct defiance of Acting President Han Gyu (Jung Dong Hwan), Major General Chun Doo Gwang (Hwang Jung Min) and the officers who followed him, arrest General Jeong Sang Ho (Lee Sung Min), the Republic Of Korea’s Army Chief of Staff, on allegations of involvement in the late president’s murder, clearing the way for a national coup d'état. Following the capture of General Jeong, an impressive military presence sets itself up in downtown Seoul in support of Major General Chun. Utterly appalled by Major General Chun’s grab for power, Commander Lee Tae Shin (Jung Woo Sung) of the Capital Garrison Command rallies forces to take a stand against Chun Doo Gwang.  Fighting against those trying to seize power, Commander Lee does everything he can to stop the insurrection. As tensions rise between the two groups, military leaders are called to action but nothing seems able to stop Chun Doo Gwang in his quest for power. Backed by powerful allies, will Chun’s grab for power ultimately pay off? Inspired by true events, “12.12: The Day” is a 2023 South Korean historical action drama film directed by Kim Sung Su.