The Mermaid: Forever Love

Legend of Mermaid: Human Love
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When a series of murders occur in the town of Yunyin, the people are stricken with panic. Desperate to find a way to cease the killings, they decide to hold a grand ceremony in honor of the River God to beg for peace.  Assigned to investigate the serial murders is the physician, Tao Ran (Ming Liang). With his apprentice working alongside him, Tao Ran begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding the murders. During his investigation, Tao Ran accidentally saves Huazhi (Huang Ri Ying), a small fox who witnessed one of the murders. Willing to help Tao Ran in whatever way she can, Huazhi retells her story and introduces the physician to Mr. Xiao, a drunker sorcerer whose skills should prove handy in their investigation. Following the string of clues, Tao Ran’s investigation leads him to an embroidery workshop that holds a strange number of clues. With the help of Huazhi and the others, will they be able to uncover the murderer before they strike again? “The Mermaid: Forever Love” is a 2024 Chinese fantasy romance film directed by Jin Yang.