A Time for Dogs and Cats

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This year is 2017 and South Koreans are baffled by news reports about growing numbers of stray dogs gathering in packs in the capital Seoul. Sightings of these packs have been reported in hillside areas. A film crew investigates, heading to Baeksa Village. The village is one of Seoul’s last remaining hillside communities. It had been earmarked for redevelopment, but plans stalled. The crew discovers a village full of mainly abandoned houses whose owners have long since moved away. In many cases, the crew finds, owners have left their cats and dogs behind to fend for themselves. The film-makers capture the lives of these strays – as well as the efforts of musicians who hope a thrilling concert will make a difference. What will become of these poor cats and dogs – and the people trying to help them? This 2020 South Korean documentary movie was directed by Lim Jin Pyung.