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Passing Summer



When Jeong Bong (Im Won Hee) and Seong Hye (Shin So Yul) married, they left Seoul to open a guesthouse on Jeju Island. As the busy summer season winds down, their tranquil life is disrupted by the sudden arrival of Seong Hye's ex, In Gu (Jeon Seok Ho), and Jeong Bong’s former colleague, Chae Yun (Jung Yeon Joo). Seong Hye senses tension between her husband and Chae Yun, and her unease grows when In Gu threatens to expose her past to Jeong Bong. With emotions escalating and secrets surfacing, the four are soon entangled in a web of jealousy and mistrust. Can the picturesque scenery of Jeju grant them the serenity they need to navigate through this unexpected storm of emotions? Cho Sung Kyu directed this 2018 South Korean film.