Jae Mo (Lee Ju Hyeon) leaves his life behind and escapes to a remote fishing village. When he meets Soo Bin (Kim Tae Yeon), they start a purely physical relationship that deepens into love as they begin to share each other's pain from their pasts. When Soo Bin discovers sheets of music among Jae Mo's things, she realizes that Jae Mo was once a composer. Although she hates Seoul for all the pain she experienced there, Soo Bin is determined to take Jae Mo back there so that he can fulfill his abandoned dream. "Sunk Into Her," also known as "Love Her," is a 2000 South Korean film directed by Park Seong Il.
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Original title
그녀에게 잠들다
Romanized title
Geunyeoege jamdeulda
Also known as
Love Her
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