King of Ambition

Yawang, Night King, Queen of Ambition
King of Ambition
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King of Ambition


Ha Ryu is a prosecutor in charge of a corruption scandal of the first lady, Joo Da Hae. He\u2019s an orphan, and he wasn\u2019t living such a decent life in the past. But he had Da Hae by his side, and they were a happy family, including their daughter Eun Byeol. Da Hae also had rough times when she couldn\u2019t even afford her mother\u2019s funeral. Because of the painful memory from the old days, she gets ambitious for the upper crust, eventually marrying Baek Do Hoon of Baekhak Group. As Da Hae awakens her ambition to join the high class, she betrays Ha Ryu, making him fall into the bottomless pit. He starts his new life as his twin brother Cha Jae Woong and gets down to his revenge on Da Hae.