Incarnation of Money

Money Demons, Money Incarnation, The Embodiment of Money
Incarnation of Money
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Incarnation of Money


Kang Seok had nothing to fear growing up because his father, a real estate millionaire, was always there to clean up his mess. But one day, Kang Seok's father is murdered by his mistress, Eun Bi Ryung, and his beloved staff, Ji Se Kwang. Then they frame Kang Seok's mother for the murder, and she gets wrongly locked up in prison. Kang Seok ends up going from the only son of a real estate millionaire to a penniless orphan. Jae In, who grew up with a money-grubbing loan shark mother Bok Hwa Sool, resorts to binge eating to deal with stress. Kang Seok gets hit by Hwa Sool's car but miraculously survives the accident. But he loses his memory and ends up living with Jae In and Hwa Sool. To Jae In, whose only outlet for stress release has been eating, Kang Seok is a ray of light. Can Cha Don, who becomes a prosecutor with Hwa Sool's support, remember that he is Lee Kang Seok, prove his mother innocent, and get back his dad's inheritance?