Smiling Pasta

Smile Pasta, Sonria Pasta
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Xiao Shi (Cyndi Wang) is unlucky in love but dreams of meeting the right man who can break her “three-month curse.” Ever since her first boyfriend, Ah Zhe (Gino), none of Xiao Shi’s relationships has been able to survive 90 days. When Xiao Shi is dumped by her 17th boyfriend in the middle of the street, He Qun (Nicolas Teo), a famous idol, runs into her while trying to escape the paparazzi. As they land on top of each other in the street, the “kiss” is caught on film and makes the front page of the tabloids the next morning, creating a scandal by accusing He Qun of two-timing his girlfriend, Rita (Joyce Zhao), who just happened to have dumped him hours earlier. He Qun’s manager forces Xiao Shi to enter into a love contract and pose as He Qun’s fiancée in order to spin the scandal. Can the fake relationship even survive Xiao Shi’s curse? “Smiling Pasta,” a 2006 Taiwanese drama directed by Ding Yang Guo and Shen Yi, is a remake of the popular 2004 Korean drama series “Full House.”