Bull Fighting

Hooping Dulcinea
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A pickup 3-on-3 game of street basketball between two rival colleges determines who gets control of a neighborhood basketball court for an entire year. For nine years, the East Sun College has been the undefeated champions and they are looking to protect their title and the right for their flag to be placed on the court for another year. But when Yi Sheng Xue, the little darling who has been coming every year since she was a girl to cheer on the East Sun team, falls in love with Shen Ruo He, the leader of this year’s team, her best friend Jin Zi Cong can’t hide his jealousy. Zi Cong plays a prank on Ruo He that results in the team losing the tournament. Unable to live with the loss, Sheng Xue is determined to do whatever it takes to regain the victory.