Two Weeks

2 Weeks
Two Weeks
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Two Weeks


Blackmailed and in love, Jang Tae San, a member of a criminal organization, is about to be a father. With a new life ahead of him, Tae San decides to give up a life of crime. However, before he gets the chance to retire, he is forced to take the blame for a murder his boss, Moon Il Seok, had committed or would see his girlfriend, Seo In Hye, die. Without question, Tae San tells In Hye to get an abortion and ends the relationship. Eight years later, after serving the prison sentence and still affiliated with the gang, Tae San runs into In Hye and finds out that she never got the abortion and that his daughter, Soo Jin, is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Apparently, In Hye is not a match. Luckily, Tae San turns out to be a perfect match. He decides to save his daughter\u2019s life and schedules the operation to occur in two weeks when suddenly he is placed under arrest for the death of two detectives.