Secret Love

Secret, Secrets
Secret Love
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Secret Love


A jolly Yoo Jung is charged for the murder of the girlfriend of a chaebol. Her own prosecutor's fiancee charges her sentence to prison. As she faces the charge, she also gets into bigger problems as her family grows unexpectedly. Thinking that her freedom from prison would lead her to a smooth sailing life, she finds herself in hurdles created by the insane Min Hyuk, who doesn't seem to get over the death of the love of his life. Her prosecutor fiancee Do Hoon helps her through it all but also has his fair share of hardships because of his connection to the desired wife Se Yeon and the chaebol's family. Find out how Yoo Jung, Do Hoon, Min Hyuk, and Se Yeon find their way to peace after the accident that took place on one rainy night--the death that started it all.