Suspicious Housekeeper

The Mysterious Housemaid, Suspicious Housemaid, Suspicious Housekeeper, Park Bock Nyeo Suspicious Housekeeper, Suspicious Housekeeper Park Bok Nyeo
Suspicious Housekeeper
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Suspicious Housekeeper


Bok Nyu is a housekeeper who does everything she is told to do. But for being a housekeeper, she seems a bit suspicious since she always wears her cap deep and never smiles. Sang Chul has four children and lived separately to provide for their education. But even though he has a wife, Sun Young, who is devoted to her family, Sang Chul has an affair. When Sun Young eventually finds out, she commits suicide. Sang Chul reunites and lives with his four children again, who have returned to Korea. He hires Bok Nyu to become the housekeeper for his family. While the mysterious Bok Nyu and the four siblings stay together, Bok Nyu's secrets start to unfold one by one.